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A Comping Quiz

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I think the time has come to take another Comping Quiz, don’t you!

Here ‘tis:

  1. Your best friend just rang to tell you she had won a holiday in Hawaii for two. Would you: Congratulate her (with a little sigh). Cross your fingers and hope she is going to ask you to join her. Remind yourself to put together a better answer in the next holiday competition you enter.
  2. In 25 words or less explain what Rafflecopter is and how it works.
  3. Do you count hyphenated words as one or two words in a WOL competition.
  4. How do you remember all your user names, avatars and passwords?
  5. Can you remember your real name? Yes No Does it really matter?
  6. When was the last time you took a break from all those competitions and just relaxed for a day or two? (Come on, fess up!)

There are no correct answers to this comping quiz – apart from No. 3 which I think is one (or is it two?). It’s just a bit of fun. Relax and enjoy! Seriously though, here we are… We’ve made it through the hectic 12 days of Christmas competition frenzy; summer is fast coming to a close. We have survived the flowers, chocolates and nights out in the Valentine’s Day promotions (and perhaps won a few). I only managed to win a book but I did it by taking my own advice and entering a blog giveaway.

Most of us are back-to-school or back-to-work with whatever goodies we managed to score from those early February competitions. And I am sure many of us have been able to stock up out cupboards with some freebies and samples and found the time to fill out a survey or two. Is it just me, or do things seem a little quiet on the winning front at the moment? So, without dwelling to much on that thought – what’s likely to be up next?

Here are some of my predictions. There may be a bit of a flutter of small competitions and giveaways on the website and on Facebook and Instagram around St Patrick’s Day (17th March) but not that many that will fill me with enthusiasm, I’m afraid. I’m just waiting for Easter. I’ve got all my WOL answers worked out in advance and loaded my computer with all my favourite photographs of the grandkids in Easter bonnets; scoffing down chocolate eggs and getting paint all over themselves crafting Easter cards for the family.

What more do I need? Just a few competitions… With the prospect of the Easter holidays fast approaching it is also more than likely that there will also be a spate of movie ticket giveaways to the current children’s movies as well as competitions with prizes of camping gear and holiday vouchers, perhaps even more BBQ’s. Keep your eyes peeled as you don’t want to miss any of them. And don’t forget to let us know of all your wins and wonderful prizes in the Forum. It’s been a little quiet lately so any surprises you can share will more than likely keep the rest of us motivated when we’re not winning as many as we would like to.

Until next week…when I will look at how persistence can pay off. In the meantime – Happy Comping!

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