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How to get back on track and start winning again

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Setbacks are normal in life and just when you thought you were on top of something life throws you a boomerang. We’ve all never been busier and there have never been more competitions to enter and prices to win. It can be hard to fit everything or pick up where you left off. Or sometimes life just happens and we hit a roadblock.

It might be the smallest stupidest thing that occurs or it could be a once in a lifetime event that rocks your world, either way here’s how you can get on track and start winning again:

Just get started

The hardest part is always getting started. If you feel you’re behind on entering competitions and there’s just too many out there and you don’t where to start, just start with a few easy ones and build up. Motion builds momentum. Don’t analyse why you’re so behind because analysis breed’s paralysis just get started. Only Enter competitions you want to win By narrowing down on the prizes you want to win you eliminate all the unnecessary competitions you would of wasted time on. You’re also telling lady luck, ‘This is what I really want to win!’ and by being specific, you get closer and closer the win of your dreams.

Foster Creativity for those 25 Word or Less answers

The dreaded 25 word or less answer is often a requirement for the best competitions! Oh why are the competition gods so cruel! To write the best 25 WOL requires creative thinking, which requires whatever gets your creative juices flowing. It might be reading poetry, going for a long walk, drawing or just sitting with the question. Only the best creative answer will win so do whatever you have to do and make a good one.

Get an Accountability Partner

There’s nothing better than telling your friends you’ll be entering 40 competitions every week and you’re going to win your dream holiday! Your friends will cheer you on and keep you accountable as you can only win if you cast your net far and wide and enter allot of competitions. Plus they might get addicted too and you can share information and win together.

Don’t get discouraged

It’s never too late to get back on track. It can feel overwhelming when you don’t know where to start and the year seems to be rushing by and you haven’t won anything because you haven’t entered anything! But the great thing about competitions is when one closes but there’s always another one around the corner.

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