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Survey Competitions

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Survey Competitions are becoming increasingly popular. Marketing companies are now offering big prizes and monthly prizes in exchange for your thoughts, tastes and behaviour. All are valuable information in the marketing game.

Marketing companies may use your information to taylor products and messaging to target audiences just like yourself. But as a comper are they worth the effort? How much is ten or so minutes of your time worth?

Some surveys are even longer like the Australia Post Lifestyle yearly survey which 40 minutes to complete. Often the questions are hard to fake and the ‘Next’ buttons move around the page, making it hard to get through the survey quickly.

It is a dilemma and if you have the time and don’t mind the monotonous task of answering endless questions then by all means enter. For everyone else it might be task not worth putting the effort in. But as the saying goes ‘The harder the competition, the less entries there are.’ So they might be competitions you should look into.

Ultimately to enter survey competitions or not is up to the comper. Weigh up the time and reward, then enter as your desires or not.

Happy comping everyone!

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