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The day I changed sides and became a promoter

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As a seasoned comper, I never thought I would see the day. I’ve been in a competition club since 2009 and if someone had said to me you’re going to run competitions yourself one day, I would of said ‘No Way!’. How things have changed.

In 2009 I was just starting my writing journey. I was a baby writer, well actually I’m still a baby writer. Don’t tell anyone or they might find out. Now in 2016 I’m now proud to say I have a blog, a healthy email list and have a few self-published books under my belt. One of the greatest tools I’ve used to grow my subscriber email list has been competitions.

As a writer it’s a great way to get your work out there, create some buzz and of course make someone happy when you give away a prize or two. Being a promoter makes you feel like a god. When I look at my giant spreadsheet, I know the power I have in that moment. I will make someone’s day. The thrill they will get when they see a ‘congratulations’ in their inbox makes me chuckle.

My recent competition was to giveaway one of my colouring books. When I picked the winners on a Sunday afternoon I immediately emailed them and all emailed me back straight away. I only wish I could of seen their reactions. Of course we are only talking about book giveaways here.

No round the world holidays here. But I’ve also read stories of people who were desperate for anything. They would of settled on winning a wooden spoon. They just wanted something positive to happen in their lives. I only wish I could giveaway more but I know a book can change peoples lives too. I must admit I do like being a promoter but nothing compares to the satisfaction of entering competitions. I Personally prefer the unknown factor.

When you’re a promoter there is the surprise of not knowing who is going to win but it doesn’t last long as you have to eventually pick the winner. When you enter a competition there is the complete unknown of what is going to happen. You might win, become a runner up or nobody contacts you at all. Most of the time you don’t really know what happens. Unknowns are mysteries. So you’re probably thinking has she jumped ship?

Am I a promoter who is no longer a comper. Not in your life. As a writer the dream is always to be on some perpetual holiday with your laptop typing away. Sailing the seas on a Cruise ship, one hand holding a margarita, the other a novel by Hemmingway.

So you see I have to keep going. I will continue to use competitions to giveaway my work and I’ll keep entering to tempt lady luck.

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