03 Aug 5:15 PM


Hey everyone, I was just wondering where to find the newsletter on this site? cheers :)


03 Aug 6:45 PM

I don't think there is a newsletter on site. Do get regular email news though.

Email it comes from is

Perhaps you can subscribe that way.

Good luck


03 Aug 10:42 PM

Thanks for your reply :) I was just wondering because I read where it says to earn more points sometimes there is a link through the newsletter. And Im thinking what newsletter? I do get emails though with updates on new comps


04 Aug 8:14 AM

I don't get newsletters either or information of new competitions. I don't recall ever getting anything from this site regarding updates etc.


04 Aug 1:38 PM

I get an email every few day. No bonus points last month (unless I missed that email) but the month prior there was a bonus 30 points in one of the emails.

As mentioned above perhaps write to the email and asked to be added if your not getting emails :)

Hope this helps


04 Aug 11:07 PM

Thanks :)