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Coke Rewards

Each Eligible Person who wishes to enter the Competition via the Program Website must be or become a member of the Program in accordance with the Terms and Conditions available at (“Program Website”) during the Competition Period and participate in the Program during the Competition Period (“Member”).

Members who wish to participate in the Competition for the chance to win prizes must purchase a Promotional Product and submit their Unique Code (found on the Promotional Product) via the Program Website during the period from  08:00hrs on 18 November 2013 until 24:00hrs on 16 January 2014 (“Competition Period”).

A "Promotional  Product" is:

a) any 390mL, 450mL, 600mL, 1L, 1.25L, 1.5L, 1.75L or 2L PET Bottle of "Coca-Cola", "Diet Coca-Cola" or "Coca-Cola Zero"; or any; 450mL, 600mL, 1.25L, 1.5L or 2L PET Bottle of “Coca-Cola Vanilla”; or any 450mL, 600mL, 1.25L, 1.5L or 2L PET Bottle of “Coca-Cola Lemon” or any; 600mL or 2L PET Bottle of “Diet Coca-Cola Vanilla”; or any; 600mL, 1.25L, 1.5L or 2L PET Bottle of “Caffeine Free Diet Coca-Cola”, that:

(I) has been produced for sale, and sold by retail in Australia before the end of the Competition Period;
(II) has been specially marked, with the Promoter’s authority, to identify it as being included in the either the Coke Rewards program, the Coke Unleashed Program or a specially marked promotional product and
(III) includes, on the reverse side of the label of the bottle a unique code that has been determined by the Promoter and affixed to the packaging with its authority (a “Unique Code”);

To submit a Unique Code at the Program Website, a Member must log on as a Member at the Program Website and follow the directions published there, including providing their user name and password and the Unique Code from the Promotional Product or Scratch Card.

Instant Win Prizes

The Promoter will use a computer drawing system to randomly determine thirty four (34) winning times for each day of the Competition Period (the “Winning Times”). The first entries, received on or after each of the Winning Times will, subject to verification, win an instant prize. Pending verification, such persons will be informed immediately after submitting their eligible entry of their provisional win onscreen via the Program Website (“Provisional Winners”). All Provisional Winners will only be deemed winners once verified by the Promoter.

Instant prizes per day include: 

-  1 x $5,000 cash awarded in the form of a cheque made out to the winner (“Major Instant Win Prize”); and

-  Thirty three (33) minor instant win prizes (“Minor Instant Win Prizes”). Minor Instant Win Prizes to be won each day include:

-   6 x COCA-COLA Branded Sunglasses valued at $11.95each;

-   3 x  COCA-COLA Branded Beach Towels valued at $18.95 each;

-   2 x COCA-COLA branded T-Shirts valued at $22.95 each (T-Shirt sizes to be determined by the Promoter in its absolute discretion)

-   4 X COCA-COLA Branded Large Beach Balls valued at $13.95 each;

-   6 X COCA-COLA Branded Trucker Caps valued at $13.95 each;

-   4 X COCA-COLA Branded Cooler Bags valued at $31.95 each;

-   2 x COCA-COLA Branded Beach Chairs valued at $32.99 each;

-   4 X COCA-COLA Branded Red Mini BBQs valued at $61.95 each; and

-   2 x COCA-COLA Branded Hammocks valued at $86.95 each. 

There are a total of sixty (60) Major Instant Win Prizes to be won and a total of one thousand nine hundred and eighty (1,980) Minor Instant Win Prizes to be won during the Competition Period.

The total prize pool value is up to AUD$355,765.80 (including GST).

Terms and Conditions

Ended Jan 16 2014

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