Win $75,000 in Prizes Cadbury | Trivia Show


Mondelez Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 78 004 551 473)

Level 10, 75 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205

1800 033 275

Who can enter?

You can only enter this promotion if you:

are an Australian resident; and are aged 18 years or older; and agree to these Terms and Conditions; and agree to the Promoter sharing your information with Southern Cross Austereo Pty Ltd (SCA) who are facilitating the World’s Biggest Trivia Show Attempt on Sunday September 20, 2020 at 07.00pm AEST (“The Show”) and consent to SCA’s Privacy Policy (see clause 37); and agree to the Promoter and SCA sharing your information with the third-party software provider, Crowdpurr (, and consent to Crowdpurr’s Privacy Policy (see clause 37) and Terms and Conditions (; and if you want the chance to win a Minor Prize or the Major Prize: (i) have access to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop device with Wifi connectivity; and

(ii) are available to participate in The Show.


Authorised under NSW: [P/00022]; ACT: [TP20/00902]; SA: [T20/797].


Entry Period

The Entry Period starts at 12:01am AEST on 05/08/20 and ends at 11:59pm AEST on 15/09/20. No entries will be accepted after this time.

Promotion Period

The promotion starts on 05/08/20 and ends on 20/09/20 and includes the Entry Period.

Where will the Promotion Run?

The promotion will run in any retailer located in Australia (in-store and online) that sells CADBURY FAVOURITES products (Participating Stores).


How to Enter

Entry Period

1.To enter this promotion, you must, during the Entry Period:

Purchase any CADBURY FAVOURITES product, each a Participating Product, from a Participating Store (Qualifying Purchase); Visit (Website), click through to the competition entry page on the Website, input all the requested details, upload a scanned copy of your purchase receipt clearly showing the Qualifying Purchase; and Submit the fully completed online entry form. Each valid entry submitted will automatically be entered into the Daily Prize Draw in accordance with the day the entry was submitted. 2. After submitting their valid entry, each entrant will receive an email from or on behalf of the Promotor with further details on how to participate in The Show.

The Show

3. All valid entrant details will be passed onto SCA who will facilitate The Show. Each valid entrant will receive a unique URL (via eDM) and instructions from SCA on how to participate (an “Invite”). Entrants must follow all instructions in the Invite to participate in The Show as specified by SCA.

4. Once an entrant has successfully accessed the trivia platform (via the link provided in the Invite), prior to the time of the Show, they must create a user account including by providing their full name, a unique nickname, address, date of birth, mobile phone number and agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. By activating an account, entrants agree that:

their nickname will be made publicly available for entrants to view via the leader board; any entry that includes the use of inappropriate or offensive content (including an entrant’s unique nickname) will be deemed invalid at SCA’s discretion; and they must follow the instructions of SCA at all times, including by activating their account by the deadline specified in the Invite. Failure to comply with SCA’s instructions may result in an invalid entry. 5. Once an entrant’s account has been successfully activated, they must follow the instructions provided by SCA’s representative (the “Trivia Host“) to participate in The Show, including by ensuring the audio on their device is switched on to hear the trivia questions.

6. A countdown clock will appear within the trivia platform advising entrants how long they have until commencement of The Show.

7. Once The Show has commenced, multiple choice questions will appear on the entrant’s screen (as well as announcement verbally by the Trivia Host). Entrants will have a specified timeframe (up to a maximum of 15 seconds) to submit their answer to each question. The number of trivia questions and rounds is at the Promoter’s/SCA’s discretion.

8. A leader board will be displayed at several intervals throughout The Show, advising entrants of their ranking/position on the leader board.

Minor Prize and Major Prize winner determination

9. Entrants will receive an allocated number of points per correct answer submitted.

10. Points will be allocated based on the time (in seconds) that an entrant submits a correct answer. The faster an entrant submits a correct answer, the more points they will receive. No points will be allocated for an incorrect answer.

11. At the end of the final round of The Show, SCA will determine the entrant who is in the highest position on the leader board to be the Major Prize winner.

12. In the event that there are multiple ‘tied’ entrants at the top of the leader board, there will be a bonus round(s) (number of questions to be confirmed prior to the start of The Show) to determine the Major Prize winner. In the event that after the bonus round, there are still multiple ‘tied’ entrants, subsequent bonus rounds will take place, one at a time, until a single entrant is declared the provisional winner.

13. Entrants who participate for the entire duration of The Show will be automatically entered into the Minor Prize Draw.

14. For the avoidance of doubt, to be eligible for a Minor or Major Prize entrants must:

have made a Qualifying Purchase; and be participating for the entire duration of The Show. If any entrant has participated in The Show without having made a Qualifying Purchase, or has joined The Show late (after the first trivia question) or has stopped participating in The Show at any time, the entrant will be disqualified and ineligible for a Minor or Major Prize.


The allocation of points is determined via a third party software application (Crowdpurr or any other third party software provider as determined by SCA) and the Promoter and SCA are not responsible for the allocation of points. No correspondence, discussions or disputes regarding the allocation of points will be entered into.

Proof of Purchase Requirements

You must retain a copy of your itemised receipt/s to verify each entry (Proof of Purchase).

Failure to produce the Proof of Purchase for all entries when requested may, in the absolute discretion of the Promoter, result in invalidation of ALL of an entrant’s entries and forfeiture of any right to a prize. Purchase receipt(s) must clearly specify the store of purchase and that the purchase was made during the Entry Period but prior to entry.

What are the Entry Limits?

Multiple entries are permitted, subject to the following:

each entry is based on a separate Qualifying Purchase; each Qualifying Purchase has been made in a separate transaction and a separate original itemised receipt has been issued; each entry is submitted separately in accordance with these Terms and Conditions; and a maximum of two (2) entries per person per day. For clarity, an entrant is able to be declared a winner in more than one (1) Daily Prize Draw.

Important notes:

Each original itemised receipt is valid for one (1) entry into this promotion, regardless of the number of Participating Products purchased in a Qualifying Transaction. Regardless of how many entries an entrant has submitted for Daily Prize Draws, an entrant will only receive one Invite for the Show and will only be entitled to one (1) entry into the Minor Prize Draw and one (1) opportunity to win the Major Prize. Entrants who participate in the Show under multiple aliases or email addresses may be deemed invalid at the Promoter’s/SCA’s discretion.


Prize Draw/Contest Details

Daily Prize Draws

There will be one (1) draw conducted for each day of the Entry Period, for a total of forty-two (42) draws (“Daily Prize Draws”).

Entries into each Daily Prize Draw will open and close each day of the Entry Period (based on AEST) and the draw for each Daily Prize Draw will be conducted on the Draw Date specified in the table below. All Daily Prize Draws will take place at 10am AEST at Anisimoff Legal, Suite 5, Erina Plaza 210 Central Coast Highway, Erina NSW 2250. For the avoidance of doubt Daily Prize Draws will take place on a weekly basis and there will be no draws conducted during the weekend or on a public holiday in NSW. Entries in each Daily Prize Draw will NOT be entered into any subsequent Daily Prize Draws.

All winners of a Daily Prize will be published online on the Website from the dates specified in the table below.