Win FREE flight ticket to Japan, e-gift or cash!


Current number of Winners of this campaign is 0 people
Max number of winners of this campaign is 100 people! Number of winner is increased every 1,000 applicants who register to d POINT CARD.
More applicants = higher chance to win! Invite your friend to join this campaign ;) Here it is list of number of applicants and winner.
5,000 applicants = 5 winners
10,000 applicants = 10 winners
15,000 applicants = 16 winners
20,000 applicants = 25 winners
25,000 applicants = 35 winners
30,000 applicants = 45 winners
35,000 applicants = 55 winners
40,000 applicants = 70 winners
45,000 applicants = 85 winners
50,000 applicants = 100 winners
Number of winners and applicants along with winners names will be updated in the bottom of this article.
Parties related to this campaign are ineligible to be chosen as winners.
When Contacting the Winner
After FUN! JAPAN contacts the winner via email, and the winner does not reply within the deadline written in the email, the prize shall be deemed invalid
For winners who choose free flight ticket, if there is weather trouble, natural disaster, war, riot, flight schedule change and other things that change drastically or cancel the trip, FUN! JAPAN shall not give any compensation.
For winners who choose free flight ticket, FUN! JAPAN is not responsible for the accident, food poising, theft, and any other incidents that may occur during the trip.
For winners who choose free flight ticket, The Winner must decide the departure time for the trip to Japan within the deadline and show us the reservation data via email.
If you have any questions regarding this campaign, please do not hesitate to message us.
Please email to for customer support.
Current Number of Winners: 0

Current Number of Applicants: 0

Winner Message
Message from 1st Campaign Winner, NataĊĦa Vukoman-san

Thank you so much for selecting me as the winner for a free flight to Japan! The campaign was a lot of fun and I enjoyed learning about all the places that you can use the d POINT CARD and can’t wait to start using it on my next trip to Japan. Japan is one of my favourite places to visit, the people are so friendly and the food is amazing! Arigato gozaimasu! ??

NTT DOCOMO, the largest wireless communication service in Japan, has a point service known as "d POINT CLUB." This service allows you to earn and use points for shopping in the city. Originally a service for Japanese citizens and long-term residents of Japan, the service has now been extended to people who live outside of Japan.

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Provision of personal information to third parties
This campaign will provide the registered email address to NTT DOCOMO, sponsor company of the campaign, for the purpose of verifying your registration as follows.

[Data will be provided to] Sponsor company NTT DOCOMO, INC.
[Provided items] Hashed email address
[Provision method] Electronic data

Closes Jun 30 2020

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