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BACKYARD BOUNTY by Organic Gardener Magazine

A practical guide to growing vegetables organically, whether you’re starting a patch from scratch or you’re an old hand who wants to go greener.


A gorgeous, hard-hitting novel that touches on celebrity, asylum, cultural integration and family tragedy, this is a book with heart and soul.

DRAGON TEETH by Michael Crichton

Michael Crichton returns to the world of palaeontology in this recently discovered novel – a thrilling adventure set in the Wild West during the golden age of fossil hunting.

REV HEAD by Shane Jacobson

In Rev Head, Shane Jacobson puts his foot to the floor and takes us on a wild ride down the highways and byways of his motoring obsession.


The head of the feared Russian FSB is dead but the cyber-attack he launched against the US lives on. Who has taken over the operation? Could Jason Bourne be working against his own country?

TOUR DE OZ by Bret Harris

Set in pre-Federation Australia, Tour de Oz, is the extraordinarily true story of a remarkable race to ‘circumcycle’ the Australian continent – before we became a nation.

NEW PIZZA by Stefano Manfredi

Sydney’s award-winning pizza maestro will show you how to use wholewheat flour, fresh toppings and tried-and-tested methods to create the healthiest, tastiest pizza this side of Naples.

BETTER BRAIN FOOD by Ngaire Hobbins and Michelle Crawford

Inspiring recipes that offer optimal nutrition for brain health and can be adapted for households for singles to larger families, Better Brain Food is the lifestyle guide you need as you or those you love grow old.


Having spent years educating herself in the field of meat Jess Pryles is an expert in everything to do with the preparation of it. Hardcore Carnivore will have you raring to get yourself in the kitchen or firing up the barbecue.

THIS IS NOT A WINE GUIDE by Chris Morrison

Packed with information and advice to help you get the most out of your wine experience, whether it’s navigating a wine list in a restaurant, wondering what to serve with kimchi, or what to do when the cork crumbles.

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