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a) Venue Terms and Conditions: These are terms and conditions imposed by the venue at which the Event takes place. Applicable Venue Terms and Conditions will be made available at the point of purchase of your ticket from an authorised ticketing agent (Roundhouse Ticketing Agent).  b) Event Specific Terms: These are terms and conditions imposed by Roundhouse that apply specifically to Your Event. To see whether any Event Specific Terms apply to Your Event, please see below.

Where there is inconsistency between the terms of any of the above, they will be applied in the following order:

a) Venue Terms and Conditions

b) Event Specific Terms

c) Terms and Conditions

Roundhouse reserves the right to cancel any ticket used in breach of these Terms and Conditions or any Event Specific Terms.

Purchase of Tickets

Tickets to each Event are available through Roundhouse Ticketing Agents. Roundhouse cannot guarantee any ticket purchased through any means other than Roundhouse Ticketing Agents (for example via resale sites such as Viagogo, TicketFinders or Ticketmaster Resale).

Use of Tickets

The promotion, advertising, offering, or selling of tickets to an Event is strictly prohibited by anyone other than a Roundhouse Ticketing Agent, unless:

a) with Roundhouse’s prior written consent; or

b) where expressly permitted under relevant State or Federal trading laws.

Ended Feb 12 2019

Added 6 months ago