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My friend just became a comper…

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A friend of mine recently became a comper. I had been telling her for a year or so about competition clubs and everything in between. She never really seemed that interested and thought it was all too much effort. That is, until last weekend I met up with her and she gave me the good news. ‘I joined!’ She said. Thrilled for her, I was also surprised. She told me she joined a club and hasn’t looked back since. She was hooked. Then came the questions and I mean a lot of questions! And here were my answers:

What kind of 25 word or less questions win? Rhyming is good so poems but also one-liners.

But I’m not funny? You don’t need to be. I’ve seen some answers that were just clever.

But I’m not clever? Don’t be silly. I’m always surprised what I come up with and often or not I don’t know where that answer came from.

How do you get creative? If I’m stuck I go for a walk with the question in my head or I just think about it on the train. Mostly I just get the computer out and persist even if it means staring at a blank screen.

Do you keep all your 25 word or less answers? Yep, they go back years and are now living inside 4 documents.

Should I keep my 25 word or less answers? Yes. Its good to see your progress, get inspiration and rework previous answers for new competitions.

How do you fit it all in? Comp during your lunch break, at work (if you can), on public transport, basically everywhere!

How long have you been blogging about competitions? About 18 months.

How do you find things to blog about? There’s always stuff to write about with people like you!

Now what? Get comping. The more you enter the better your odds are. Happy comping compers!

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