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The Magic of Crafty Creative Competitions

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I often browse Instagram on my lunch break. I’m a late adopter of Instagram but now I love it more than Facebook and Youtube. I like art and finding creative people on Instagram. I often go down the rabbit hole, lose myself and my lunch break too!

The other day, I noticed a sponsored post that caught my eye. GlucoJel Jelly Beans was having a competition to win 20K. Nice prize I thought. Would come in handy. The only catch was, you had to create an artwork digitally using Jelly Beans. Yes, I know, I put it in the ‘its too hard’ bucket too and I can’t compete with all the ‘super creative’ people out there. I was discouraged but knew that I had to do something different to change my losing ways. Maybe a creative craft competition would do the trick?  

What are creative competitions?

Creative and crafty competitions can be picture competitions, product competitions, kids colouring competitions and many more. Once you create the artwork, picture or complete the activity, you can be required to share on social media as part of the terms and conditions.

Suddenly, I remembered one of my biggest prizes I won years ago was a creative competition. I created a mood board/collage to win $1000 worth of sheets. I put in a lot of effort in and I think I even came up with a 25 word or less answer too. The point is I won. I got creative, mailed it in and my family had brand spanking new sheets.

So I convinced myself I was going to enter Gluco Jel Jelly Bean Competition. I was going to come up with a really intricate design and go for it. I can be a super creative too I decided. I look at arty things all the time on social media. How hard could it be?

One hour later and I was still intricately arranging these jelly beans with my mouse pad. One by one, I changed the colours, dropping and dragging them until the positioning was just right. I shed a few tears of frustration in the making of my masterpiece but I did have a moment where I felt proud of myself but mostly let’s just say I went a little mad.

After reminding myself that it’s an unlimited competition and I had plenty of time and chances to enter. I shut the computer off to revisit another day.

The best thing about crafty creative competitions? The odds are in your favour. People stay clear of them. The higher the effort, the less people enter.   I’m still in the midst of creating my masterpiece but what did I learn? Patience is the key. The more creative I got, the more rewarded I felt and keep your eye on the prize never lose sight of it.

So get your creative juices flowing and enter a creative competition today.

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