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Interview with The Wolverine and his biggest win to date

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Shane aka Wolverine from Competitions.com.au, gives us his tips for winning and the biggest prize he has ever won (Hint: It has something to do with Star Wars). Read interview below….

How long have you been entering competitions for?
35 years.

How many prizes would you estimate you’ve won?

Hard to say, but I would put it several dozen.

Do you have a system to keep track of your competitions and prizes?

No, I just enter them and keep an eye out for emails and letters etc.

Are there any rituals or habits you do to entice lady luck? 

No not really

How many competitions do enter daily, weekly or monthly?

would say I enter 20+ each day

What is your dream prize?

A real dream would be a home or to be mortgage free, next would be holiday.

Favourite competitions? Online, 25 Word or less, SMS etc.

Online competitions are best for me.

What’s the best 25 word or less answer you have ever come up with?

Not really got any best of one’s, but any using the promoter, the prize and or the product in the answer is always good.

Are your family and friends accepting of your family, if not can you elaborate?

On a whole they accept that it is just something I like to do and seem genuinely happy when I have won something.

What's the biggest prize you’ve won and what did you do when you found out?

The biggest prize in terms of dollar value would be a prize pack which included a heap of “star wars” merchandise and a card which gave me 12 months of free movies, it allowed me to see up to 5 movies every day for the whole year.

Do you have any tips or tricks you would like to share with other fellow compers?

No tips or tricks, as everyone says the more you enter the better your chances are.

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