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This Creative Winner knows how to nab a prize or two!

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Nadia has been entering competitions for over fifteen years and has won hundreds of prizes. Read our interview with Nadia’s and discover her winning creative answer for the Thank You Nappies competition!

How long have you been entering competitions for?

I entered my first competition around the age of 10 (I am now 28).

How many prizes would you estimate you’ve won?

Anywhere between 200-400.

Do you have a system to keep track of your competitions and prizes?


Are there any rituals or habits you do to entice lady luck?

Unfortunately, not just try and get on and enter as many as I can.

How many competitions do you enter daily, weekly or monthly?

10-20+ daily.

What is your dream prize?

A holiday! (international would be ideal)

Favourite competitions? Online, 25 Word or less, SMS etc.


What’s the best 25 word or less answer you have ever come up with?

Not necessarily the best but the last one I remember it was for the Thank you brand nappies on Facebook;

T is for toddler

H is for high absorption

A is for aloe vera

N is for no leaks

K is for kind to the environment

Y is for yes for ending world poverty

O is for overall protection

U is for unbelievable softness

Thank you for creating a nappy with all these things mind.

Are your family and friends accepting and supporting of your hobby, if not can you elaborate?

Yes but as long as I don’t talk about it too much!

What’s the biggest prize you’ve won and what did you do when you found out?

I won an LG OLED TV 55” Curved OLED TV valued at $5999rrp and I found the email in my junk folder!!!

Do you have any tips or tricks you would like to share with other fellow compers?

Always check your junk folder in your inbox you never know what is waiting for you in there!

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