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The Power of Positive Thinking Works for this Comper!

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Every wondered if the power of positive thinking works. It does for @heidiho73 from Competitions.com.au! Heidi is a dedicated comper with some great tips. Read her interview below.

How long have you been entering competitions for?

I’ve always entered the odd competition like those in magazines and on products, but I started doing it as a hobby with passion dedicating a few hours a day only this year.

How many prizes would you estimate you’ve won?

22 prizes this year so far with two wins this week and most including the last 2 with Competitions.com.au.

Do you have a system to keep track of your competitions and prizes?

I’m using a notebook and keeping a list but am currently setting up a king of spread sheet to use instead.

Are there any rituals or habits you do to entice lady luck?

I use the power of positive thought and language speaking to myself when typing my entries. I say “ I WILL win this IPhone X when my entry is chosen, I am a good person.” But I don’t do anything physical or have lucky charms.

What is your dream prize?

A great Laptop would be number 1 on my wish list as my family is all sharing the one laptop and with a new one I could enter more and win more prizes! Favourite competitions? Online, 25 Word or less, SMS etc. I really enjoy trivia so my favourite type are quizzes or a good tricky question. That also helps narrow the field a bit. They are the most fun.

What’s the best 25 word or less answer you have ever come up with?

My best 25 word or less answer was for a skincare competition and My answer was what my best beauty tip. Can’t recall the wording but the reply was water and sunscreen. I won a little prize. I don’t think I am very good at these.

Are your family and friends accepting and supporting of your hobby, if not can you elaborate?

Family and dear friends are always supportive but I have had the odd person go quiet when I explain my hobby to them. They get a lot more chatty when I tell them I’m winning a bit here and there at fairly regular intervals though.

What’s the biggest prize you’ve won and what did you do when you found out?

One of the biggest prizes was a $200 eftpos card. I was quite broke that week so I was elated and kept saying “ I cant believe it!” all day and through the next. Imagine how I will react when I win a car! ( note my positive language).

Do you have any tips or tricks you would like to share with other fellow compers?

Using a dedicated email account helps you keep track of entries and wins too.

Take your time and put thought into answers don’t just write what pops into your head.

Keep a log book to stop you accidentally entering one entry per person comps twice. I did this only yesterday and got myself disqualified. Smaller prizes are good to enter and if you buy a product with a comp attached, keep receipts.

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