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Christmas is a time for competitions?

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I must say, I love this time of year. There are the Christmas decorations in all the stores, fairy lights glittering on people’s houses, the weather is consistently warm and you can finally pig out and enjoy yourself because the festive season is here! Everything is winding down and I finally have time to clear my inbox, read, relax, catch up on Netflix and of course enter as many competitions as I can. 

Christmas is a time for reflection and family but I also like to think of it as a time to go a little crazy and enter as many competitions as I can before things wind down so much, I go into holiday mode and I just can’t get anything done on the computer and so I start my digital sabbatical.   Having more time, of course, will increase your chances and then there’s that ‘positive’ vibe we all radiate at the end of the year, which can’t hurt?

Whether, your entering competitions at work or leisurely at home, it’s definitely the luckiest time of the year. 

More entries = More chances = More prizes

Receiving the odd prize or two in the lead up to Christmas or New Year is always a thrill and like a present to yourself. After all, we all do work hard on our entries; we deserve a little extra Christmas cheer.

There’s also the bonus of the 12 days of Christmas Competitions, which add to the daily excitement of entering and seeing who’s winning every day. Creativity is also easier this time of year, 25 word or less answers can be unashamedly corny and ‘Christmasy’. Jingle rhymes well with tingle, mingle, single and so on.

Recently, I won two movie tickets and a Woolworths gift card, which made me think, I could possibly fill my summer social calendar with prizes. Activities could be free nights out, movies, gift cards with shopping sprees and of course selling the odd prize or two on eBay or Facebook. And how amazing would be the summer holidays be if I won a big one, a car or a holiday? 2018 could kick off with a bang!

Whether you’re winding down or winding up, Christmas is a time for competitions.

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