02 Aug 6:32 PM

General Chatter

Whats the best way to search for competitions on Facebook


02 Aug 8:52 PM

Theres some great groups, if you look up "australian mum competition & review club" I can send you a list.


02 Aug 9:44 PM

That would be great


03 Aug 2:46 PM

@bukfizz just check out any of the comping groups like the winners one and then hmmm you could "stalk"/trawl through some compers FB profiles. That should keep you busy.

A lot of the Australian Facebook comps get well circulated. It's probably how a lot end up on this site. :)

After a while you will buld up your own feed of promoters the more FB comps you enter. That might come in handy around XMAS time for the next flood of FB comps.