08 Aug 7:19 PM

General Chatter

'interesting surveys' .. first 2 are no go since I don't have kids.. 3rd one because I don't have much money ... hmm


08 Aug 7:46 PM

I got the same results. :( . Would be nice to have a log of the compbux so can confirm at least got the 5 compbux for them. I'm trying to inch towards a decent cash out level. It might take till 2050 thou unless can pick a few compbux from the leader board. Hmm for this month might be wishful thinking.

At least this method seems more reliable then via emails That method I didn't get a option to even attempt the survey.


08 Aug 8:24 PM

@Lemond first one let me attempt and when I said no kids the message was ' sorry', same with the 3rd one with savings.. second one didn't even let me attempt .. oh well


08 Aug 9:28 PM

@Anna2077 There's a new one finally got my first 75 compbuxs for TV streaming. I checked how much compbux I ha first and appears was added immediately. Maybe if they keep pumping them out might reach the $50 level lot sooner then expected. :) Will have to see if they keep up listing them. At least being connected with the site you don't have to go hunting for emails etc.


08 Aug 10:44 PM

@Lemond do miss them sometimes if I give myself a day or two away from email


10 Aug 2:28 PM

A lot of these surveys have quotas and limits and expire within 3 days. You're best to do them as soon as you see it or you will be screened out.


10 Aug 6:49 PM

@admin hi! I know, it's not always possible to be online all day and check for surveys and comps as soon as they are published