31 Aug 11:40 PM

I've Won

I won the eb games fathers day pack
I was pretty dissapointed
All I got was a stubbie holder.


01 Sep 7:01 AM

A win is still a win :) congrats


01 Sep 8:09 AM

@surferboy83 Unless it's a no-win situation.


01 Sep 9:23 AM

Sometimes it's comes in different packages. I won a Father's Day pack from Castrol and it came in two different parcels.


01 Sep 10:55 AM

@Smalot11 Twice the joy :)
I had that happen with some nice wnes, candles and some great posters at XMas. I was disappointed when the posters didn't arrive with the rest as was looking forward to them. Well by then I had won enough wine to keep me going for a year. Hic :)


01 Sep 12:17 PM

@Lemond A wine win is eluding me, must try my luck for some wine at Christmas :)


01 Sep 5:08 PM

@Smalot11 that was also my first "candle" win thou it came with 6 nice bottles of wine :)

God for XMAS get the glasses ready there will be plenty of comps for wine and bubbly to keep you going all year. Virtually every hamper giveaway will have a couple of bottles.

What's really eluding me is a new PC and washing machine,


01 Sep 7:03 PM

Well I'll look forward to that :) I'll keep my eyes out for PC and washing machine comps


03 Sep 3:21 PM

Do you think EB could have spared it. I know a win is a win but it classed a promotional material