16 Sep 5:15 PM

General Chatter

hi! Am I the only one who didn't 't get September Newsletter? I went back as far as August and there are no bonus points newsletters ... every little bit will help :-)

@admin were they mailed to some the rest of emails will go out or only few were sent out?


16 Sep 5:48 PM

I'd be checking the junk emails. Where anything important seems to gravitate.


16 Sep 5:53 PM

@Lemond checked the junk mail. who was it from?


17 Sep 12:13 AM

From alex. The subject was Today's Best Voucher Comps - Flight Centre, IKEA, Myer Vouchers & more. Usually I just search my emails using the site URL. I didn't post the email address to avoid any spambots


17 Sep 12:17 AM

@Anna2077 X fingers on a roll this week after initially getting 3 ones in the first 5 days of the month. Due for a turn around in the daily numbers after a couple of months in purgatory. :)

Hopefully you can find the email. Or maybe message Alex if they can resend ASAP.


17 Sep 2:29 PM

@Lemond well I've been getting the best numbers so far this months 1 /2/3 & had a few 5! will double check that email but def nothing like that from Alex in spam .. spam only had usual meeting chicks from Russia for fun... gave up blocking them

Kinda depressing getting low numbers in bfday months .. if I cannot be in the top 3 then ... no hope any other months.. massive 4 points today lol


17 Sep 2:32 PM

@Lemond found that email but nothing about monthly bonus points ... clicked on each offer again and still no bonus points.. one had them one day months ago .. since then nada


17 Sep 3:12 PM



17 Sep 5:33 PM

I don't seem to have got that newsletter either.Is someone able to tell me what date it was


17 Sep 6:33 PM

Sept15 Ending Comps - Hyundai Kona SUV | Luxury Escape Vouchers | Fiji and more

Appologies looks like pasted the wrong one.


17 Sep 7:19 PM

@Lemond ta ... was hidden with the other 500 that I've not read yet ... still 499 to go .. been a busy week hardly any emails have been read


17 Sep 7:50 PM

Just checked and definately did not get that email


17 Sep 10:29 PM

@Anna2077 lmao. I've actually been cleaning out my junk emails as have been doing a "touch" more comping this month. I haven't done that much over the last few months more of the dread of having to clean up my emails.

Deleted about 1200 just in the junk folder. Thou another 200 appears the next day. Now only about 50,831 to go in the inbox. :(

I tend to spot from this sites emails as that's sent to a less active/spam account that I don't use for entries into competitions.


18 Sep 12:33 AM

@Lemond oh thats 600 now new in my in box .. 2500 old to go through ... need to sit down and read them ... may be xmas. lol


18 Sep 6:17 AM

@Anna2077 Yes a great idea for a XMAS present. Now who to forward them all to? lol


18 Sep 12:58 PM

@Lemond Must be someone I love the most lol


18 Sep 7:47 PM

I cannot find that Newsletter either. Asked the question but no email received as yet. Anyone else any luck?


18 Sep 10:13 PM

@Ceedubya found mine as it was hidden amongst few thou emails I've not looked as yet. Do. a search . Lemond posted the heading of the email