18 Sep 11:34 AM

General Chatter

I think I need to move to sunny Queensland so many competitions to enter up there! Having a very dry patch in NSW...suppose I am a winner with property prices...ha, ha.


18 Sep 1:00 PM

So far I've won only one thing in 2017, Double pass to see a movie


18 Sep 7:42 PM

Sure the dry spell will be over very soon. Good luck all.


20 Sep 8:23 AM

@KittyKat65 How long of a dry spell? I haven't won a Facebook comp since early Jan. Damn the curse of winning a candle.
Thou have picked up various small cash wins that have added up from various sites. X fingers for the leader board to pay this months internet bill.

Good Luck always happens when you least expect it. :)


20 Sep 9:27 AM

@Lemond boo hoo for you! lol I've only won one thing since January

It's my birthday month and my highest daily score was 5 lowest 1. I'll be lucky to finish in top 20.. where are you placed?


20 Sep 7:06 PM

@Anna2077 Your turn on the leader will come soon.........
Didn't you end up top 10 last month or month before? There's a win. :) All those small wins can add up.

It's very close up the top of the leader board and looks like going to a tight finish and will have to wait until the final siren has sounded. Go the Tigers! Failing that x fingers for the comp draws due at end of the month.

Happy Birthday for this month. :)


21 Sep 12:10 PM

@Lemond oh gosh in almost 3 years I made it to top 5 .. shocker..

When on your birthday month you cannot make it to top 3.. you lose faith...

On your birthday month you are always in the top 3, and now you are there again ... yeah usual suspects are always top 3, others make it my slim chance and I never do.. this month proves it that it will never happen


22 Sep 12:48 AM

@Anna2077 My birthday month this year was until then the only time I've probably been in the top 20. The previous year was right down the bottom, even with the bonuses. @FARMERTYSON won that one :).

If I recall last year you missed days and can't expect to win if miss even one. Scrapping the birthday bonus makes it's fairer and keeps members interested beyond once a year. Overall the odss are very decent for the prizes on offer. I saw yesterday 5000 entries for bars of chocolate, I don't like chances for sweet success for that one. If you hang in there and give yourself the best chance completing all the "skill" requirements your luck will eventually change. You're only ever one lucky draw away or witty WOL comp etc from turning things around.

What I do is hedge my bets on another sites with a leader board/exclusive comps. If I scrounged around there are probably other similar member exclusive comps which might have decent odds. Not all would be random some require writing up reviews if that's your forte. That's where my "luck" has only come from lately doing the bread and butter draws. You don't need to do 100's of comps for the same results.

So I've been a member right on 2 years and virtually done every month 99.9% ticking off all the comps and won once and 3rd. That would be roughly right on average. For a year and 1/2 couldn't get under 20th, everytime I got near @toxicgherkin score I would plument my nemises for months. :) Swear the "random" points for that period was baised against us early birds. Thou for BC the maintence for those abnormalities you need to wipe the slate clean and start from that point in time.

Various members have had good runs on the leader board at times. If you look at the top 50 I'm always seeing the usual 40ish suspects each month. What makes it random, you never know when might win and more then likely those wins will come in batches. Thou start to wonder on Facebook when compers win like 3 times in a day how to join the luck band wagon. Hint those compers are likely entering a lot of FB comps or FB tagging entries.

Looks like @moreofachance has had their fair share of luck on the leader board this last year. Need to pray that ends real soon.(Like before the end of this month). lol

Good chance this month come the final siren the scores might be level for a few members. :)


22 Sep 12:13 PM

@Lemond This year like last I'm busy but decided to take few minutes out to see if my being here will make a difference and it did not.

Scarping the birthday bonus is not fair as people who are lagging can come up and get a present with the bonus ..

I don't enter competitions for sport... I only enter what I need and want to see/do as money is tight ... just got a call that I missed out on the job I badly needed. As it was. group interview I heard others answers and gave the agency feedback .. she was taken aback .. clearly she received different feedback from the client.

Actually it's the usual 10 who are at the top more often then not

Since I don't enter many competitions and others always have good luck winning and they go for things that they don't need, people like myself miss out.


23 Sep 3:23 PM

@Anna2077 Well if some months have heap more birthdays then others then that logic doesn't quite work out. It's highly unlikey ever to evenly distributed. With around 40-50 "active" members has shown some months had maybe 1-2 and others 6+. The higher the bonus the probability of winnning for your birthday month approaches 1/number of numbers. That's where the inequality lies. Inequality is out of fashion lately.

It was a fine balance how high to set the birthday bonus. The lower you make it to reduce the bias to neglible levels, to balance the uneven birthday distribution your point becomes mute. I.e. only maybe effects on average 1 out of the X birthday month members. Then you've got the physcological effect for member participation for 11 months out of the year do you bother visiting the site other then for the guessing game. Add to that the temptation for "new" accounts to appear with "birthdays" just for that month then hibernate for 11 months.

Overall it's up to the site what levers to pull for the leaderboard comp to encourage member participation and balance "fairness". They could drop or reduce the importance of skill components and make more randomly based. Hmm for starters got the guessing game that's already totally random. It appears a good percentage of members aren't that active and somewhere around 200-300+ floating members. You'll find then it's a lot harder to regularly even make the top 40. For now until a major increase of "active" members the leader board has decent odds. The way it is really there's not much holding back a lot more participation, apart from you need to be determined enough to log in daily and do the simple requirements.

Like I said previously due to the random component, members will have runs of luck. Also due to the skill requirements those members more determined to tick off those regularly appear higher on the leader board. It's more likely members giving up too soon and not ticking off daily requirements, once they feel aren't in the running. Potentially missing out on the opportunity of ending up in the top 10 or even the top 3.

After the first few days really I thought this month was going to like last miserable month. It's only due to an exceptional run of luck in week 3 of 57 points over the seven days and now extended to 74 over 9 has kept me in the running. That would definately by a long way be my best run over 2 years. Had a small run when last ended up 3rd thou was more consistent scores over the four weeks. Over 2 years only had a couple of small runs. Most times it's a frustrating seasaw of daily points. (to be expected)

Any member currently within about 10-15 daily random points from the leaders could likely end up being in the top 4. Beyond that will take a huge amount of luck, thou possible if within close to 20 points. It would mean the leaders, pray not me this week, would need a misserable week.

It can be a "cruel" game when it's like watching your footy team getting flogged in the first quater and only the loyal fans left to tough it out. Thou that pain is spread over four weeks. Or can be an exhilarating finish when snatch victory on the final siren.

Looking at the current top 50 leaderboard IMO a good percentage at least 50-75% have been top 3 or won the guessing game at least once.
Its only a matter of time at current level of active leader board members. The question is how long.....

Good Luck next month. :)


23 Sep 3:27 PM

@Anna2077 I hear you regarding nice to win some cash etc to meet ends or boost to motivation. You'll find a lot of compers are doing the same and probably one of the top motivational factors. Each comper has there own story to tell why "enjoy" comping. From winning to pay bills, get to sample products wouldn't usually consider buying or win that holiday been dreaming of. Well it's cheaper then buying lotto tickets and better odds. Reminds me I should do the free lotto site comps more often.

Really the ROI for time put in is questionable. That can improve with bit of simple organisation for like using good comping sites with plenty of comps to reduce time finding them, keeping an eye out for your own local comps or reduce the time managing checking back if won.
The exceptions might be for those with fortes in certain areas that frequently have high value competitions. There are plenty of creative high value comps out there. You be surprised at the low amount of genuine entries for the prizes on offer. Thou at the high end it tends to bring out the few with those genuine fortes.

Occassional will come across high value random draws with low entries. I saw an Aussie one a couple of weeks back with around 130 entries for $2000. Argh no luck thou I suspect it wasn't really a random draw despite the T&C's. The lack of permit number displayed raises some eyebrows for that one. Could of been more of those "donate" to a local and tax right off.

Other things to consider to help get you by are doing things like market research which can pay good $. Occassional might come across ones that are interested in and close to you. They aren't the survey sites they usually involve participating in a hour or two activity.


23 Sep 11:24 PM

@Lemond yeah you are still not getting it.. I understand how competitions work and I don't enter them for sport.. don't need candles and if I want chocolate I buy it.. same as many things that aren't needed in my life.

You joined this site after I did.. you've managed to get to top 3 a number of times .. you are currently placed at #1 and yet it's my birthday month and I'm sitting at 18.. another1 daily score ...

I give up .. no point in playing number game .. no point in checking daily numbers ... just entering few comps that might get me something that I need as money is tight and if not and things finally break then I have to pay.


24 Sep 12:27 PM

@Anna2077 Think I want to crawl back into bed. 1 for the daily points and missed the guessing game by 1. :( There's something to cheer you up. Argh!

Well only 2 twice finished up in the top 3 and that only very recently. If lucky enough maybe a 3rd time at the end of the month.

I get it, you think you're owed a win as joined longer. It doesn't matter how long ago you joined if not consisently every month completing virtually all the "skill" requirements. General observation it would appear you've missed doing those at times. If you really want to win you need to maximise your chances EVERY month for when finally get some decent luck.

If you hang in there and tough it out for the bad months never know when your luck may turn. Even if one month starts out bad no reason to chuck in the towel incase it really turns around. Basically what's happened for me this month after an average first few weeks. Still too early to tell where will end up.

The leader board comp is one out of 1000's each month out there. You never know if will strike it lucky. It's just usually not when you need it the most.

Good Luck. :)


25 Sep 5:04 PM

@Lemond you don't know what I'm thinking or feeling so don't think that you do.

bohooo you missed the guessing game by 1 yet you've managed to win it previously, did you not?

awww you got 1 point yet you are still at #2 .. my heart breaks for you... you hate not to be winning all the time .. well my life is not consumed by competitions .. I only enter things that I need or want to do since I cannot afford to pay for most things these days

My luck will not turn when it comes to the leader board .. this month proves it, just like every other September since I've been here ... but don't worry that leaves you more chances to win

Yo win the most yet you cry the most .. sad ...


25 Sep 5:25 PM

@Anna2077 lmao you're way to funny. But isn't life just one big competition?


27 Sep 10:10 AM

@lemond my last win was a good one exactly one year ago...I went to the Melbourne cup on a Carnival Cruise was a wonderful trip, but not a thing have I won in 2017 :(


27 Sep 1:04 PM

@KittyKat65 Wow nice one. Sounds like would of been an awesome day. You could use that wonderful day as inspiration for other comps to turn your luck around. :)

That's one great thing about competitions you get the chance to experience things you wouldn't usually do or afford. If really lucky win something urgently need.

Well one great win or a whole lot of small ones.... Hmm hard choice depends on the prize, thou I do prefer winning cash or grocery vouchers lately. This year seem to winning small cash wins. I think would of won around $250 cash from a half dozen comps since Januaary so nothing to complain about. Cash is always king and a nice prize however small.

For why in a drought? IMO depends on how many competitions entering and what things specially looking to win etc. As a few compers have pointed out it seems increasingly difficult to win. It really depends where and your looking for finding competitions and what prizes liked to win. On Facebook for example all the Aussie compers are one degree of separation from each other. Mainly linked via a few dozen with major comping contact lists (for the tagging comps or likes etc). They get shared around very quicklly and your chances get greatly diminished. The pros and cons of even slightly attached to those groups.

Sometimes a random explore to find prizes of interest that might be off main comping radar, might help improve your chances. I should get in the habit of checking for more local comps. Or you can concerntrate on a forte for creative entry comps. Ideally if got a forte and also find off the radar comps your chances start looking great. Some compers do exceptional well just focusing on their niche creative competitions.

X fingers for a decent win by XMAS.

Good Luck.:)