General Chatter

Finally some Surveys that I've qualified for.

27 May 11:28 AM

Yes! Don't you just hate it when you've waited 5 minutes for a survey to open up, then answered about 25 questions only to be told that you are screened out or the quota's been filled? This morning I had 5 surveys in my box. I didn't qualify for any of them but managed to waste over half an hour on them. Really, saving up a trickle of points for over 9 months or so for the possibility of getting $20 is just not worth it!

30 May 7:45 AM

I love (not) the survey that ask if you about your Business Role - starting from CEO or CFO down to Managing Director or ones that ask your Household Income starting at $150,000. Do the survey companies really think these types of people have time or inclination to do survey to make a living? Ha

02 Jun 9:51 AM