11 Jun 10:57 AM

General Chatter

I get an email telling me there is a new survey for me.
I click on the email to open up the survey.
I get to the website to immediately be told I don't qualify - without having to answer any questions!
1. Why do I get sent an email to tell me I have a survey when there really isn't one?
2. How can a person be screened out before going anywhere?
There is something screwy here if you ask me.


13 Jun 12:52 PM

Hi @Donald4564,

If you're screened out right away it could be a number of things including the quota for the survey being full. Surveys need X participants and if they are met they will close the survey off. It's important to attempt the surveys as they are sent when possible.



14 Jun 7:12 AM

They must close them before they send out the email asking you to participate! That's all I can say.