General Chatter

Any wins out there guys/girls? Just scrolling through the forum and it looks very sad :( hope your all still comping up a storm dont quit get better at it! Have a good one! (Win) :)

11 Jun 3:50 PM

It is very quiet now isn't it, no wins here unfortunately.

12 Jun 2:25 PM

Bj74 i have started up again after a few months off. Hopefully soon there's a winners call or email for you :)

13 Jun 6:32 AM

Hey @surferboy83, biggest prize for me so far this year was $2000 worth of Noritake tableware.

Good luck for a winning call or email for you. Sure you will add a holiday or two to your prize list :)

13 Jun 8:56 PM

Hey @surferboy83 glad to hear your still entering those trips! Largest win this year for me has been an iphone 8 ($1079). Congrats on your win @Smalot11 :)
I've seen some of these surveys before so I doubt I will be eligible again and I don't know how the third parties involved will use this information so I don't access this site much.
A lot of hard work for points and I'm normally time poor. (Personal opinion only).
Anyone on here is quite welcome to send me a friend request or give me a follow on insta and I will follow you back. Not entering as many now ( because of time) only the 'bigger' ones lol. Good luck to everyone and looking forward to hearing of your next big win @surferboy83 :)
and yours too @Smalot11 :) and crossing my fingers for you @bj74, you can have a loan of my fourleaf clover. :)

14 Jun 10:25 AM

Thanks @fourleaf Congrats, an iPhone is always a great win. :)

I tend to be comping more over on Ozbargain these days, same username, happy also if you wish to connect on FB or insta. Instagram is still a work in progress for me.

14 Jun 6:55 PM

Smalot11 and fourleaf cheers back and what great wins! Here's wishing you many more too! Well done!!

14 Jun 10:17 PM


15 Jun 7:15 AM

@Smalot11 sent through a friend request to you :)

15 Jun 11:41 AM

@fourleaf :)

16 Jun 11:10 AM

A $250 voucher at my local shopping centre for me.

16 Jun 8:56 PM

@Jrob71 Congrats, nice prize :)

17 Jun 4:01 PM

Nice one! @Jrob71 :)

17 Jun 7:51 PM

I am winning bits and pieces sporadically ,will always enter comps, can't stop now,the bug is alive and well, and once you taste that winning wine,it's addictive, good luck everyone,@surferboy,your a great example as to what can happen....and happen and happen again,and again, lol

07 Jul 11:15 PM

Cheers Trevsta. same as you I'll just keep going and going :)

11 Jul 5:27 PM

Never. Stopping either mate. Can't stop now, come too far!!!!

02 Aug 1:34 AM