01 Aug 11:42 PM

I've Won

I won a double pass to WHY DONT WE concert in Melbourne from Girlfriend Magazine.

My daughter really wanted to go but unfortunately all the ticket sold out super fast. I said to her well let's find some competitions to try. I got the email today and I screamed for her to come here NOW!! She thought something was wrong haha she couldn't believe it! And balled her eyes out!

I cannot wait to take her. It's at the end of the month so not long to wait.


02 Aug 1:32 AM

That's awesome, congratulations


02 Aug 3:24 PM

Sharing this to Facebook :P Great News!!!


06 Aug 1:30 AM

Well done i did that for foo fighter tickets a few years back. Congrats!


12 Aug 9:05 AM

How wonderful - you've actually won something. I've been entering competitions here for years and not even a tram ticket! :-) The only reward I have is an email account with 500 spam message daily.

Can someone tell me about the Tax angle if one should ever be in a position to win an overseas holiday. I am an old-age pensioner - so a tax bill would mean I'd probably have to sell the house.