29 Aug 8:20 AM

General Chatter

Gee, I'm feeling this group/page has lost its spark.


29 Aug 3:29 PM

Yeh not many wins being listed - or other helpful information and tips like there used to be


02 Sep 10:07 AM

I'm so dubious about competitions that ask just to sign up with your email and no other details. I guess they just want to bombard you with advertising and newsletters. I never see any winners names or announcements.
The amount of overseas call centres that ring is just ridiculous too.
I guess someone must be winning all these comps as this is the worst year I've ever had at not winning anything. Perhaps more people are doing it now. ??


09 Sep 8:13 PM

I've had a few wins. Nothing huge but I'm yet to win a really big one. Just enough to keep me in the game.


18 Sep 1:41 PM

1st win in 18 months, tickets to the a show during the Sydney Fringe Festival...took my significant other and we had a good laugh, a nice dinner and a couple of drinks! Reminded me it is not what you win it is how you enjoy the win. xx


21 Sep 7:21 AM

Congrats @KittyKat65