10 Sep 5:36 AM

General Chatter

Hi on, when you enter a competition it asks a series of about 6 offers/ads, do you have to complete this (i usually press skip to the end) for the entry to go through?


11 Sep 11:05 AM

It's a scam, unless you want to be inundated with call centre calls from India...go ahead.


13 Sep 10:47 AM

I just skip to the end. It says I have been accepted and entered, so I take it at face value. Mind you, you should open up a special email account for doing competitions. So far in my "special email" I have about 6,500 in the in box and about 5,000 in the junk box. I merely go through each day and enter a search by "congratulations" or "congrats" to see if I've won anything. Having done competitions now for about 5 years I can cheerfully say I haven't won a brass razoo and the shock of actually winning something will probably cause me to die of a heart attack! :-)