General Chatter

I have not seen a newsletter since 24th when it kept saying error 404 and support has been reporting away for 2 months now. I send an email advising this or these issues and never received a reply at all. I go into it every day for past 14 months so I am very dissapointed with it especially the lack of contact. Its like they are hiding or somefhing. No newsletter then no bonus entry but can still enter 1 entry if you go directly to the website.

26 Dec 6:20 PM

I received a message that he is changing email providers that's why there's a problem.

28 Dec 6:16 AM

Then why not put up a note to that effect on the website letting everyone know?


I received the newsletter today 9 Jan 2020.

09 Jan 5:09 PM

It's stopped again with no messages, not a great way to run a competition line.

24 Jan 12:01 PM