General Chatter

Attencione, is a fraudulent webside they don't pay out the redeems I am already missing 240 AUS.
This webside is fake be carefully.

17 Jul 8:56 PM

That has never been my experience, @Food-Hunter. You can always send a message to Support via the chat function.

18 Jul 12:57 PM

Hi Food-Hunter.. I'm sorry,
you and your 20 fake accounts are not welcome here. Our community is full of honest and genuine people and we do not appreciate your unethical participation.

18 Jul 1:03 PM

It is not illegal to have as much accounts as I want, but it is illegal to pay not out the redeems, Mr. cheater.

21 Jul 12:58 AM

I've never had a problem in 8 yrs. Love it

02 Aug 9:46 PM