General Chatter

i have been trying to redeem a giftcard for the last week and it keeps saying that it is going to be accessible within 24 hrs - 48 hrs.
i have no response on the chat either
anyone else having this problem

13 Aug 4:23 PM

yes I have had pretty much the same thing - no response at all! I redeemed points over a week ago and nothing yet. contacted site via chat 2 times and no response as yet!

14 Aug 5:14 PM

@wolverine its very frustrating , i havent got any emails or response back at all either

17 Aug 12:00 PM

I have recently had a reply and the problem is fixed now - I would suggest try them again

19 Aug 2:11 PM

keeps saying flexi gift card site is under maintenance and also you can't choose how much you want to redeem as it automatically goes to the highest points you have available

30 Aug 11:56 AM

Apologies everyone, due to fraud, we've had to cap Flexi Card in recent times to ensure redemptions made are legitimate. We take fraud seriously and will be working on improving this system ASAP.

15 Sep 9:18 AM

@admin sorry that the site has been misused/abused by certain individuals. Time to Spring Clean your subscribers list it sounds like, and have vetting protocols in place for new subscriber uptake. I'm sure you're on to it. Will be interesting to see the impact on the Guessing Game and the spread of winners. 'Some' seem to be awfully lucky...

09 Oct 9:49 AM