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Just did an extensive survey on gambling on poker machines and spent a lot of thought and spent about 20 minutes on it and finished it in total and was then told I didnt qualify, good way to get opinions and not pay anything for it I guess.

25 Oct 1:43 PM

that happens quite often, I and probably many others have told the site admin about this issue

26 Oct 11:54 AM

This has happened to me over last couple of days also. I even did the online chat that it says to do if you don't receive the points but haven't heard yet (and that was originally from 13th Oct, plus 1 today). Did you also notice how much the survey points have decreased by over past couple of months?

26 Oct 2:42 PM

similar has happened to me on many occasions

27 Oct 8:18 AM

I use many online survey sites and they all pull the same scam ocassionally

06 Nov 7:35 PM