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It is now impossible for me to earn any points here. Due to the amount of restrictions recently been put on this website. I don't understand why the restrictions are there.

I keep on getting this message 'Higher than average screen-outs detected. You will need to complete Happy Hour Surveys to remove survey limit' on the surveys, on the surveys page. I am sick and tired of seeing that message, and having to fill out the happy hour surveys and not getting anywhere.

I am now thinking of deleting my account permanently. :(

13 May 5:29 PM

I have to agree. Higher than average screen-outs detected message is very annoying as I was lucky enough to complete 2 surveys in a row (that was all that was waiting for me instead of the usual heap of surveys) and as soon as I did and had no surveys it came up with that message yet how can I have higher than average screen out when there was only 2 surveys and I actually completed them.
Then you can't even click on the daily compbux link from email to earn points if you haven't completed a survey in 72 hours and unfortunately I screened out of 99% happy hour surveys to constantly earn 0 points. I thought they may have been trying to organise a new survey company or something since it is so non-existant now, so I was giving them the benefit of the doubt but I don't know what is going on.
I even completed a tortureous 200 point happy hour survey (first time I didn't get kicked out) and then when I pushed submit at the end of the 20-25 mins it came up with error saying I have been screened out, I did contact Admin but haven't been paid the points or heard back from them yet.
Good Luck, hopefully it will improve soon as I love their surveys.

17 May 3:41 PM

I've been getting the same message re higher than average screen - out. I get nowhere with the Happy Hour surveys.

27 May 9:21 AM