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Over the past 2 days (and a few times prior to that) I have completed at least 2 surveys however after pressing submit and getting a message to say the points would be credited to my account I get a message saying I didn't meet the criteria. How can I not meet the criteria yet complete a survey and not get points? It's so frustrating - has anyone else had this happen to them?

24 May 2:12 PM

All the time, which is all too often! You said its happened for at least 2 surveys, well I've had similar things happen for 1000's of survey's over he past few years.

24 May 7:29 PM

Thanks for your reply. I have had it happen over the years too and just shrugged it off. It just gets frustrating and now can't access surveys as I've had a high number of screen outs and have to qualify and complete a happy hour survey for the limit to be taken off.

25 May 1:56 PM

Hi I completed one on thursday and one monday and it told me I screened out, contacted support no answer


@stgeorgedragon I've had no answer either.

26 May 1:12 PM

This is the reply I got - Hi there.. It means you have been screened-out from the survey. You may have completed the pre-qualifying questions but not the actual survey.

I know I actually completed the survey as I've done the same survey on other sites - grr!

27 May 1:14 PM

Interestingly sometimes the 'pre-qualifying questions are at the end of the survey though, aren't they! You spend 20 minutes answering questions about a product then at the end it asks your age etc and suddenly you are screened out after doing the whole survey for them.

28 May 10:27 AM

@Bel7861 oh wow - I didn't know that. Thanks for enlightening me :)

28 May 2:47 PM

It's happening more and more. Harder to get a survey done to be able to get the 5 points from emails. Might be time to move on from this site. Too much personal info getting taken.

01 Jun 11:47 AM

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