General Chatter

Has anyone managed to contact support? I keep finishing surveys and after I complete them it tells me "Unfortunately your criteria did not match that of the survey requirement". Its ridiculous. I keep writing on the chat icon but no one answers

28 May 7:24 PM

I had a reply on a Wednesday if that helps - there doesn't appear to be anyone online chat on other days from what I can tell.

29 May 9:36 AM

I've had a number of dodgy surveys complete successfully but then only give me 5 CompBux because it said my criteria didn't match. You need to grab a screenshot of the last page of the survey (where it says survey complete or something similar) and attach it to the chat message where you tell them what the survey was about and how much CompBux it was worth. They can then check if others are having the same issue and may award you the missing CompBux if it's a survey error/problem. They won't reply immediately though (could take up to a week). Since it has happened to me a number of times now, I usually try and grab a screenshot of the final page before submitting just in case it errors but sometimes using the browser back button might go back to that final page after submitting so you can grab your screenshot.

02 Jun 10:05 AM

@mitch212 thanks for that - I'll remember re the screenshots.

02 Jun 1:18 PM

Thanks for letting us know that. It's happened a couple of times and now I'll know what to do. Thanks

19 Jun 1:00 PM