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What's with the mobile verification now?
I'm on the verge of quitting this site. Why cant people just come on this site, enter any comps and/or surveys they are interested in, play the guessing game if they want etc.

16 Jun 7:21 PM

Can't put in bonus guesses. I even had an extra guess after doing the red survey but not qualifying and you get 1bonus guess but can't seem to put it in. It keeps coming up you've already guessed but I've only had one guess. I had a spin on the wheel, does this have anything to do with not getting guesses? Thanks Carol

19 Jun 11:51 AM

I've sent emails but have had no response. I don't have a mobile number to verify my account.

03 Jul 6:06 PM

@ronaldo174 yes I agree - I have no mobile to verify my account either

05 Jul 4:32 PM

I am having the same problem

02 Oct 11:10 PM

Mobile verification is one of the ways to prevent fraudsters from entering the site. So, in order not to get caught by scammers when playing blackjack, I always read reviews at - after all, there are only trusted casinos and honest reviews.

21 Oct 9:11 PM