General Chatter

Has anyone gotten this message Higher than average screen-outs detected. You will need to complete Happy Hour Surveys to remove survey limit. then tried to complete one of the said surveys only to qualify for none of them? How can you 'remove survey limit' if you don't qualify let alone complete any happy hour surveys?

12 Jul 1:32 PM

seem that i am not getting my extra guesses once played the game . only got two out 5

20 Jul 4:39 PM

Yes I am, I cant even do any surveys every one I click on takes me back to the home pages and says 8 havent met the criteria


It is exactly the same for me. Started several months ago and I have not been able to complete a survey since. I try every day but to no avail. This used to be a good website. I am not sure what has happened to it.

03 Oct 7:07 AM

You still get 5 points if you can't complete a survey and it all adds up.

31 Oct 8:55 AM