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Just a heads up about a survey from Newcastle University about Covid vaccination etc. It doesn't pay you once you're finished. It goes back to you didn't qualify. I tried this survey twice now and it's not paying out so beware. It's in the 50 point Happy hour surveys.

23 Jul 22 12:36 PM

I've had this happen a few times lately. Quite annoying really.

05 Aug 22 3:20 PM

Non qualifying messages at the end of the survey are the pits, so is the reduction in getting screen out points and not getting the daily 5 bonus points unless you have completed a survey in the past 3 days, which is almost impossible. This site has gone to the dogs!

12 Sep 22 2:17 PM

I'm wondering how it is possible to complete a survey and get a 'you didn't qualify' message at the end. It is so frustrating and unfair.

22 Sep 22 8:55 AM

What has this to do with the survey site? Or anything to do with this site overall? Get off!!! ??. @user_117371434070172445485

04 Oct 22 11:36 AM

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