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I just went to do a survey only to find that because I have 'higher than average' screenouts I have to do a Happy Hour survey - which I found in the past and today I can never qualify for. So frustrating! Especially when you consider all the times you complete a survey and instead of getting points you get the stupid message you didn't meet the criteria. I'd like to know how you can complete the survey and not manage to mee the criteria. Just a frustrated vent sorry.

31 Dec 22 12:03 PM

Exact same thing happens to me, I feel like they purposefully put the qualifying stuff at the end so they have your info and don't have to pay. I don't want to do the surveys at all but they're attached to the daily points now.. ugh.

31 Dec 22 12:12 PM

I agree with you 100% and because I can't do the surveys I can't get the daily points either.

01 Jan 23 8:57 AM

It happened again yesterday and managed to complete a happy hour survey. I screened out of 2 normal surveys and closed one when I didn't agree with giving email/location details. Screened out of 2 more surveys then got the "higher than average screen outs" message again. This is so frustrating especially when the happy hour survey I did complete seemed to take 20 minutes and that was for the 'short' happy hour survey option. It isn't fair and it's not like we can help that we screen out.

12 Jan 23 10:14 AM

I'm getting screened out of so many, and the few that i can complete half the time right at the end I get booted out for some reason and get no points. Its getting quite frustrating.

13 Jan 23 9:08 AM

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