General Chatter

I've just completed a survey about current movies and going to the cinema. I completed the survey in its entirety only to get a message that said I'd screened out. This is a huge annoyance and frustration - how can you screen out if you've completed the entire survey? When this happens I'm reluctant to do any other surveys. Does this happen to anyone else?

29 Dec 23 10:27 AM

yes all the time!

29 Dec 23 10:50 PM

Yes, too often unfortunately. They're getting your data from the survey for nothing. Not right is it?

30 Dec 23 11:45 AM

@carolsomer no it's completely unfair! It really puts me off doing the surveys now. I've contacted them about it and the last thing I heard was them wanting to know what the last question/questions were.

05 Jan 24 10:30 AM