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Interview with winner and member Rowan Barber

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In this interview, Competitions.com.au member Rowan Barber (smalot11) shares his passion for competitions, tips, a unique system for keeping track and that time he won a trip to the Whitsundays (picture above) . Enjoy!

How long have you been entering competitions for?

On and off most of my life but seriously since December 2016.

How many prizes would you estimate you’ve won?

112 since December 2016, previously to that around 10.

Do you have a system to keep track of your competitions and prizes?

I have a system of noting the competitions I enter along with the draw date, this way I can remember what I have entered and check back to see if I have won. I have also recently joined a group on Facebook that announces winners on some Facebook competitions.

Are there any rituals or habits you do to entice lady luck?

Staying positive I think is important. Also remembering you can’t win if you don’t enter. Half the time luck is also generated from noting the rules and following them. I also love reading of other compers who have won as it’s regular people winning some amazing prizes which motivates me.

How many competitions do you enter daily, weekly or monthly?

At the moment 20 per day.

What is your dream prize?

A prize home or a car is on top of the list, followed closely by luxury holidays.

Favourite competitions? Online, 25 Word or less, SMS etc.

I love simple online entries because they are easy but realise that lowers my chances. Working on improving my 25WOL entries and actually thinking about who may be judging my entry.

What’s the best 25 word or less answer you have ever come up with?

(S)o romantic,
(H)er and I.
(E)xploring Mona,
(R)ecapture the rapture of weekends away.
(I)t’s the ultimate,
(D)ate weekend.
(A) wine to celebrate,
(N)ever forgotten memories.

This was a Sheridan competition for a weekend away to Tasmania and Mona. I thought this was quite a good entry but unfortunately the judges thought differently 🙂  

Are your family and friends accepting, if not can you elaborate?

Maybe a little jealous but as mentioned above you can’t win if you don’t enter. When I win I ask, did you put in an entry? And the answer is normally no. I love how supporting the forum is on competitions.com.au too.  

What's the biggest prize you’ve won and what did you do when you found out?

I have won a $5000 trip to NZ (image below), when I got the call, It was pure shock to think I’d been pulled out of all those names. My wife also won an $8000 Whitsundays holiday. It’s an amazing feeling to have someone else pay for your holiday. The promoters are also excellent in making sure everything is perfect.

Do you have any tips or tricks you would like to share with other fellow compers?

Stay positive. If you stay with something long enough and strong enough you are bound to get results. There is a story on Youtube of an English man who in one year only won a box of chocolate, the very next year he won a luxury yacht. Enter and stay positive, and don’t forget to keep those receipts.

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