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What will competitions be like in 100 years?

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Competitions, contents or sweepstakes as they’re known in America, have been around for thousands of years. The Romans were known to make crazy bets with their gladiators and in ancient Greece prizes of medallions were given out to winning victors in the Olympics.

Then there was the introduction of lotteries and prizes for literature and the arts. Fast forward to today where the beginnings of the internet and ease of email, we can enter to win a round the world trip.

Our lives are full of competition in one form or another and like our lives, contests will evolve with the times. The emergence of new technology will be the catalyst of such change.

Here are my predictions of what competitions will be like in 100 years:

Virtual Reality

The internet changed the world and the next big thing in marketing will be Virtual Reality. No doubt promoters will find a way to capitalise on games and other entertainment when we are fully immersed in other worlds. Our contact details will be tied to our accounts and competitions will be quick to enter with a swipe of a hand.

Digital Currencies

The rise of Bitcoin and other digital currencies will force many marketers to innovate with their prizes. I predict there will be competitions where Bitcoin money will be the prize. Physical prizes will slowly die as digital currency become more valuable and popular.


Have you ever seen The Fifth Element Movie? The movie is set in the future and there is hologram advertising everywhere! Mail (yes, there’s still physical mail) gets delivered instantaneously through mail shoots. Messages are delivered fast and advertising invades our every public space. Marketers will find a way to engage and get our details through direct advertising and hologram contests.

Competitions change and they come and go but fundamentally the objective is the same, to conquer and win!

Happy comping everyone.

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